Benefits of Online Learning

An online school of high calibre that delivers the

British curriculum performs highly in these two

essential areas: the quality of education and

university and career prospects. Our online

schooling programme has several other unique

benefits such as:


    • PERSONALISED: Pupils follow an individual learning pathway, working through self-study materials at a pace that suits them and studying in small classes with lessons tailored to their needs. Every student is seen and heard, and no one is left behind.  
    • ENGAGEMENT: In the self-study aspect of our courses, there are more opportunities for pupils to participate and respond to content than in a traditional face-to-face environment, and more time to reflect on topics and give more profound thought to responses. 
    • CONNECTED: Pupils work alongside peers from across the globe, broadening their understanding of different cultures and building an international network of friends.
    • TRANSPARENCY: Parents have unprecedented visibility into their children’s education, with real-time access to their performance in their studies. 
    • TAILORED: Online courses allow pupils to build their unique schedules, teaching them to balance study and work with other commitments.
    • PERSONAL GROWTH:  Our Online School supports students in becoming better independent learners and developing strong self-discipline skills, which is invaluable preparation for university.
    • ALWAYS ONLINE: Online learning provides the opportunity for self-paced study away from the distractions of the physical classroom, providing an environment in which a broad range of students can thrive.

We know that engagement with teachers is

essential for success. We recruit teachers for

their academic and pedagogical credentials and

these skills in mind. Expert online teachers have

additional skills: coaching and motivating pupils,

analysing pupil progress data and using it to

tailor their teaching, communicating with

resonance in an online environment.