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About Course

It is a highly respected course with a blend of analytical and evaluative skills, which top universities across the globe accept. Economics will support any students' application to university in a range of areas. It crosses the ‘divide’ between the arts and science and is often considered a ‘safe option’ for students unsure of what to pursue at university. Few students with good degrees in Economics have any difficulties in finding employment.


Economics is the study of how we allocated limited resources. As can be seen in recent times in Greece, Economic policy has a direct impact on the social cohesion of the country and the Eurozone itself. In addition to macroeconomic issues, you will also look into the practical decision-making in small and medium-sized companies.

Unit Level Examination
Unit 1: Competitive Markets — How they work and why they fail AS 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit 2: Managing the Economy AS 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit 3: Business Economics and Economic Efficiency A2 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit 4: The Global Economy A2 2 hours

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop an interest in and enthusiasm for the study of the subject
  • Appreciate the contribution of economics to the understanding of the wider economic and social environment
  • Develop an understanding of a range of concepts and an ability to use these concepts in a variety of different contexts
  • Help students to use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of economics and an ability to think like an economist
  • Develop in students the skills, qualities, and attitudes which will equip them for the challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities of adult and working life.

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