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About Course

Physics allows the development of rational thinking and also proves to universities and future employees that the student possesses a large skill set. Students learn many skills which will be very valuable such as numerical skills, problem-solving, communication skills, and written skills. Many careers require the study of Physics, for example, engineering. Students who have studied Physics have the excellent mathematical ability and are able to figure out solutions to problems as they have outstanding analytical skills. These are both very sought-after skills; companies are very keen to employ people with this skill set.


Physics is a very interesting and relevant subject to study at A-Level; it is the study of how the world works and also links well with other subjects such as Chemistry and Maths. Students who choose to study Physics are interested in finding out how things work and why. The course includes theoretical learning but students will also have opportunities to develop their practical skills as 2 of the units are experiment-based.

Unit Level Examination
Unit 1: Physics on the go AS 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit 2: Physics at Work AS 1 hour 30 minutes
Unit 3: Exploring Physics AS Experiment
Unit 4: Physics on the move A2 1 hour 35 minutes
Unit 5: Physics from Creation to Collapse A2 1 hour 35 minutes
Unit 6: Experimental Physics A2 Experiment

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide seamless progression from the Key Stage 4 programme of study and enable students to sustain and develop an enjoyment of, and interest in, physics and its applications
  • Develop an understanding of the link between theory and experiment and foster the development of skills in the design and execution of experiments
  • Develop essential knowledge and understanding in physics and, where appropriate, the applications of physics with an appreciation of their significance and the skills needed for the use of these in new and changing situations
  • Demonstrate the importance of physics as a human endeavour that interacts with social, philosophical, economic, and industrial matters
  • Be a suitable preparation for higher education courses in physics and related courses

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