Our Technology and How it All Works

Our Technology

Our Online School is powered by Pearson Connexus, a
platform used by more than 75,000 full-time online school
pupils worldwide. 
The platform features a rich online curriculum with
embedded multimedia, live online classroom sessions, chat
and secure email. Technical support is available during
school hours.
To access our many resources and connect with teachers
and peers, each pupil needs a laptop or desktop computer
with a modern operating system (Windows 10 or Mac OS
10.7 or newer) and browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,
Internet Explorer 11 or newer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari). A
broadband Internet connection is essential.
Students taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics, or Chemistry
will be advised to purchase a USB graphics tablet if they do
not already have a device with touch screen capabilities.

How it all works?

Induction: Before the academic year begins, new pupils participate in induction to familiarise themselves with the platform and school

Flipped classroom: This teaching method increases student engagement and encourages critical thinking, which is why we use it here. Pupils
work through interactive self-study materials to develop an understanding of subject content, followed by a live lesson in a virtual classroom.
Pupils work through materials independently at a time and pace that suits them, and the technology generates deep insights about their
learning. This frees up our teachers, making them available for individual sessions with pupils to help them with any questions or uncertainties
they may have. Each teacher has at least an hour a day available for drop-in sessions with pupils.

What Exactly is a Flipped Classroom? 


Self-Study Materials: We invest heavily in producing high-quality online course materials which cover the entire A-level courses. These
interactive self-study lessons are carefully crafted by subject matter experts with a wealth of experience creating A-level textbooks and online
resources. The materials are designed to scaffold the way to harder concepts, and keep pupils engaged – far removed from just watching videos.
They start with learning objectives and include self-assessment with feedback, one of the most impactful methods of learning.
Live Lessons: Teachers hold regular live lessons in which pupils gather online in real-time in small class sizes for targeted instruction, based on
the insights generated throughout their self-study. Teachers explore the understanding of the material and push pupils to apply and extend their
Learning goals: Pupils also have regular one-to-one meetings with their Tutor to help them set learning aims and reflect on their progress
towards these goals.